Animal Coloring Book

This is a Generative Transfer Art project, building off of GTAP1. When you mint an animal, it will be randomly assigned one of six possible types. To begin, the NFT image will be blank. The first four times the NFT is transferred, a color is filled in based on the recipient's address. On the fourth transfer, the Animal's mood is revealed - the coloring and animation of its eyes. The 10x10 SVG art and animation are generated and stored entirely on-chain. See them on OpenSea (filter for fully colored). Join our Discord

Paste an address into any step to test its color. The furthest left image represents the coloring after the first transfer, the second to the left the coloring after the second transfer, and so on.

Try a different animal.

Meet the Animals

There are six animal types in the collection: Cat, Bunny, Mouse, Skull, Unicorn, and Creator. Each animal also gets a mood, which controls the animation of its eyes. The possible moods are Aloof, Shy, Mischievous, Flirty, Dramatic, and Sly.

Dramatic cat

Aloof bunny

Shy mouse

Mischievous skull

Sly unicorn

Flirty creator


Minting will give you a brand new Animal in a blank state. When minting, you have the option to purchase an Eraser as well. The Eraser is a separate, one-time use NFT that can be used to clear all the colors from any Animal you own. Erasers can only be created when minting Animals and will not be available once minting is over.

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